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Weight Loss Services

Whether you have 20 or 100+ pounds to lose, the friendly staff at Tallahassee Pain & Weight Loss (TP&WL) can help meet your goals safely. Individualized diet plans based on the patients age, weight, and gender are implemented considering that everyone’s lifestyle, metabolism, medical conditions, and food likes are different. In addition to this we measure your BMI, perform an EKG, and do a small history and physical to determine the causes of your weight gain and slow metabolism. We also use FDA approved appetite suppressants, if needed, like Adipex to help reduce your hunger and cravings while speeding up the metabolism. At TP&WL we focus on a lifestyle change!

Initial visit & consult $325.00

After the initial visit with the Physician, each weight Loss visit will consist of counseling, a Vitamin B12 Injection, weight check, blood pressure monitoring, and food journal review. Making the commitment to attend these appointments (bi-weekly) is a definite part of a patient’s overall success.

Biweekly visits: $60.00